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Flash & Go - Automatic Colony Counter

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Flash & Go frees highly qualified microbiology lab staff from labor-intensive and time-consuming colony counting and antibiotic inhibition zone measurements. Additionally, its state of the art image analysis software that can read an entire Petri plate instantaneously enables labs to heavily enhance their productivity and result reproducibility. Any microbiology lab involved in colony enumeration/ inhibition zone measurement, be it industrial, clinical, environmental, or research oriented may largely benefit from the use of this tool.

Once inserted in the colony counter, plates are illuminated with a sophisticated LED lighting system, next, a picture of them is taken with a high resolution camera. Instantly, the software detects colonies or haloes according to color and records a count or measure. Other than for colony counting, it can be used in Phage plaque assays and Ames testing for enumeration. On the other hand, it can measure inhibition zones during antibiotic potency measures and antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST).




User-friendly: While fully customizable, Flash & Grow is simple and easy to use.

Powerful Image Processing: An entire Petri plate is read in a Flash! Cutting edge customizable image processing enables differential counting of colonies with any color.

Upscalable: Upgrades will allow labs to scale up their levels of automation in Petri plate reading starting with basic colony counting/inhibition zone measurements and ending at fully automated robotic plate feeding.

Traceability: Full operator, sample and result traceability. Identification data can be scanned in using a barcode reader.

Verification and Validation: Centering calibration and count verification procedures ensure the unit’s performance.



Plate Handler Upgrade (to be used with IUL’s Plate Handler):
Petri plates are fed automatically to the Flash & Go colony counter
Plates are identified and preassigned Petri plate reading operations are performed
240 plates/hour

Flash & Grow Advanced Colony Counting:

Colony counting operations are fully customizable
Software is able to single out colonies according to color
Tackles leftover sample debris and media bubbles
Particularly handy when counting in differential and chromogenic media
Images can be stored and reprocessed

Flash & Grow Inhibition Zone Measuring Software *:

Accurate Measurement of Inhibition zones
Inhibition zone measurement operations are fully customizable
Images can be stored and reprocessed
(*) Requires advanced colony counting software

Flash & Go Basic Colony Counting software:

Automation of total counts
Default configuration for total counts




Reflected Lighting: Ring of 54 white
LED Transmitted Lighting: Two High Flux Led Background field: Dark or Bright
Imaging Device: CMOS with fixed focus lens.
Image field: 97 x 97 mm
Minimum colony size: 0.06 mm
Image capture: True color, 24 bits per pixel
Image resolution: 1536 x 1536 pixels.
Mains: 100/240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 40W
Operating Temperature: 5º a 40ºC
Operating Relative Humidity: 10% to 90%
Dimensions (WxHxD): 18 x 36 x 22cm
Weight: 5.4kg



Cat. No.

Colony counter support for Rodac plates 90006085
Petrifilm adapter 90006096


Flash&Go + basic Software for automatic colony counting.
Cat.No. 90006010



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Specifications subject to change without previous notice

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